Lotion Pump Tips: How to Avoid Waste and Pollution?


With the advancement of skin care packaging technology, […]

With the advancement of skin care packaging technology, Lotion Pump has become a common distribution tool in skin care products. However, some consumers may encounter waste and environmental pollution problems when using Lotion Pump. Here are some tips to help you use your Lotion Pump more efficiently and reduce possible waste and environmental impact.

1. Use in moderation: Knowing how much skincare you need is the key to avoiding waste. When using the Lotion Pump, there is no need to press hard. Usually, one light pump is enough to ensure you get enough product on the skin. Over-pressing can lead to overapplication, which not only wastes product, but can also leave skin feeling greasy.

2. Gentle pressing: The design of Lotion Pump makes the dispensing process more precise. Gentle pressing provides more control over the amount dispensed than firm pressing, avoiding spillage or excess product.

3. Store Properly: Keeping skincare bottles stored vertically will prevent product from building up in the bottle, causing clogging at the top of the Lotion Pump. If the top of the Lotion Pump is blocked, it may cause uneven distribution or complete blockage.

4. Clean the top of the bottle: Regular inspection and cleaning of the top of the Lotion Pump is key to keeping it functioning properly. Gently wipe the top with a damp cloth to remove dust and residue that may have settled around the distribution channel. This ensures a smooth flow of product without contamination.

5. Avoid mixing: If you use several different types of skin care products, especially those with different ingredients, avoid mixing them together. Different ingredients may react with each other, making the product less effective or causing skin irritation. Make sure to rinse the Lotion Pump thoroughly between products to prevent mixing.

6. Choose recycled materials: When choosing skin care products, consider purchasing packaging made from recycled materials. This results in less plastic waste and less impact on the environment. Learn about materials and sustainability policies for product packaging to make greener choices.

7. Do not overbend the pipes: Some Lotion Pumps are designed with curved pipes to ensure that the product at the bottom is also fully utilized. However, excessive bending of the pipe may cause the pipe to deform or break, affecting the smoothness of the distribution channel. Use with caution to preserve the integrity of the pipeline.

8. Pay attention to product storage conditions: The storage conditions of skin care products will affect their quality and stability. Store products in proper temperature and humidity conditions, away from sunlight and extreme environments, to prevent product spoilage, delamination or leakage.

9. Choose biodegradable materials: Some brands have begun to use biodegradable materials to manufacture Lotion Pumps to reduce plastic pollution. These materials can be decomposed faster in the environment, reducing the burden on the environment. When shopping, look for products made with these environmentally friendly materials.


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