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, Ningbo Seng Cze Macrospray Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 and is a company specializing in manufacturing trigger sprayer, lotion pump, foam pump, cosmetic spray pumps, fine mist sprayer and caps with over 30 years of professional experience. We are located in Yuyao, Ningbo, China.
  • Trigger Sprayer

    Trigger Sprayer

    The trigger sprayer comes with classic shroud design, opting for ergonomics to facilitate a user - friendly experience. The equipment is well tested for its proven durability and structured to provide anti-leaking function.  Available with PRC solutions, the product is designed with inverted and vented applications and affords closure and nozzle options. The trigger sprayer can be applied  extensively in various circumstances, e.g., domestic needs, gardening, laundry, automobiles and air care.

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  • Foam Pump

    Foam Pump

    The foam pump comes with five different output options: 0.4 ml,0.6 ml,8ml,1.2ml, and 1.6ml and affords excellent anti-leaking function. Its stylish product appearance provides a smooth and comfortable user experience while the equipment is designed with different closure options and PRC solutions to select. Users can be dependent on the product for their skin care management, cosmetics and hair care.

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  • Liquid Pump

    Liquid Pump

    Defined as  a classic crew down lock device, the liquid  pump acts as an equipment elaborately designed with light and smooth structure and offers different closure options for users to select. The applications of the product can extend to meet the needs for personal care, hand wash, hair care and the dispensing of seasoning sauces.

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  • Fine Mist Sprayer

    Fine Mist Sprayer

    The fine mist sprayer is elaborately designed with classic and stylish look, while offering anti-leaking function. The product’s functionality also includes multiple spray angle choices and different closure and over cap options. Users can utilize the sprayer to support their skin care routines, daily hair care and oil care or as a device for their cosmetics.

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  • Spray Cap

    Spray Cap

    With its measurements that are line with the international standard, the pull-push cap provides reliable durability and a series of options re design and colors for users to choose from. The product is extensively used for domestic needs, gardening and laundry. It also can assist automobile work and facilitate air care.

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