The working principle of lotion pump head


1. Press for the first time--------When we press the ac […]

1. Press for the first time--------When we press the actuator for the first time, the actuator drives the auxiliary rod through the connected main column (rod) to compress the spring (spring) together; During this process, the outer wall of the piston (ptston) rubs against the wall of the inner cavity of the main body (housing), prompting the piston to open the discharge port of the sub-pillar (sub-rod). When the piston (ptston) slides down, the inner wall of the main body (housing) discharges air through the discharge hole of the opened sub-pillar (sub-rod).
2. Press and reciprocate multiple times to expel all the air in the body (house);
3. Liquid suction——After pressing the head (actuator) with your hand, transfer the main column (rod), sub-pillar (sub-rod), piston (ptston), and the common compression spring (spring) to the exhaust air, Loosen the valve body (housing), loosen the actuator, the spring (spring) loses pressure and moves backward (upward). At this time, the piston (piston) also moves down through the inner wall of the friction body (housing) to move the auxiliary column, and the discharge hole of the (secondary rod) is closed. At this time, the liquid storage cavity in the body (shell) forms a vacuum suction state, the glass ball (ball) is sucked up, and the liquid in the bottle is sucked into the reservoir through the straw (sipper) in the body.
4. Liquid storage------Press the head several times and suck the liquid several times to store the liquid in the body until it is full of liquid.
5. Draining -----------When the liquid in the liquid storage chamber of the main body (housing) is full, press the nozzle (actuator) again, and the liquid will directly pass through the discharge hole from the nozzle (execute) spray out.

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