Wechem SP05 All Plastic Sprayer


The Wechem SP05 All Plastic Sprayer features an all-pla […]

The Wechem SP05 All Plastic Sprayer features an all-plastic construction and is a great tool for industrial spraying of various chemicals. It features an adjustable spray tip that allows users to choose how much product to dispense. This sprayer is also child-proof and comes with a locking mechanism to prevent accidental release.

This all-plastic trigger sprayer has a 28-400 neck finish and a 9-1/2" dip tube. This environmentally friendly sprayer is also recyclable. Its all-plastic construction eliminates the possibility of corrosion in harsh environments. It is also easy to clean, is highly durable, and ships in a closed position.

It comes with a trigger sprayer that dispenses 1.1 ml of liquid per stroke. The trigger sprayer is also environmentally friendly, with no metal balls or springs. The trigger sprayer is rated for use with most cleaners. The dip tube measures six-and-a-half inches long.

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