What are the advantages of cosmetic spray pumps


The design of cosmetic packaging bottles is constantly […]

The design of cosmetic packaging bottles is constantly innovating, from the beginning of the plastic cap, the squeeze cap to the last spray pump, every time is for better storage of cosmetic products, convenient for people to use. So what we mainly understand today is what are the advantages of cosmetic spray pumps?

1. High quality and environmental protection, easy to recycle;

2. Good sealing;

3. The dose can be well controlled, and it can bring good convenience in many fields, such as medical treatment, it is not suitable for smearing on wounds or in the mouth, so the spray pump comes in handy.

In addition to the above advantages of the cosmetic spray pump, there are also some problems that may occur, such as accidentally blocked or stuck during use, which will be more troublesome. However, in the future, cosmetic spray pump manufacturers will also make improvements.

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