What problems does the foam pump solve during the use of lotions


A foam pump with a more rational structure, including a […]

A foam pump with a more rational structure, including a bottle cap, a press head with a nozzle, a piston cylinder, a piston, a return spring, a foam tube and beads, is characterized in that the piston is also provided with a conical socket on the upper part. The small piston of the small piston core of the piston, the conical inner hole is correspondingly made in the material guide pipe of the piston, the small piston is sleeved between the material guide pipe and the piston pipe of the piston, and its conical sleeve is connected to the The conical inner hole is movably socketed: and can be installed in the piston movably up and down with the piston through the top of the return spring. The structure of the utility model is reasonable and more reasonable, it is not easy to be blocked, the liquid extraction effect is good, and the foam quality is stable. The invention effectively solves the problems that the liquid-conducting core of the existing foam lotion pump is sheathed in the return spring, which causes the liquid-conducting gap to be too small, the pumping effect is not good, and the emulsion is easy to dry and block.

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