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After the liquid plastic is sprayed out by the blow mol […]

After the liquid plastic is sprayed out by the blow molding machine, the plastic body is blown to the mold cavity of a certain shape by the wind force blown by the machine to make the product. The plastic is melted and quantitatively extruded in the screw extruder, and then formed through the oral film, and then cooled by the air ring, and then pulled by the tractor at a certain speed, and the winder winds it into a roll. Extrusion blow molding The thermoplastic pellets (or powder), after being plasticized by an extruder, pass through a specific die to prepare a hot-melt tubular parison, and then blow molding. Injection blow molding uses a split mold to inject the parison onto the mandrel. After the parison is properly cooled (to solidify the surface of the parison, the shape of the parison will not be damaged or deformed when the mandrel is moved). It is sent to the blow mold together with the parison, the blow mold is closed, and compressed air is introduced through the mandrel to inflate the parison to form the desired product, and the product is taken out after cooling and shaping. Stretch blow molding forces the parison to stretch and shape within a specific temperature range. At the same time of molding, macromolecules are oriented and fixed in the wall of the product, thereby greatly improving the performance of the plastic container. A molding method in which a bottomed parison heated at an appropriate temperature below the melting point is placed in a mold, and then stretched in the axial direction with a stretch rod, and then immediately blow-molded. Multi-layer blow molding is a molding method for preparing multi-layer containers by using multi-layer composite parisons through a blow molding process. Through the reasonable matching of various plastic layers, the effective complementarity of the properties of each layer of plastic can be achieved, thereby overcoming some inherent shortcomings of single-layer plastic containers. It should be noted that within the two-plate injection molding machine, sufficient plastic raw materials should be maintained. Moreover, different raw materials should be dried to different degrees according to the needs, which can also meet our processing needs for the process. Generally speaking, the personnel who operate the equipment need to be trained. If it is a novice, try to have a staff next to guide.

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