The global plastic container market varies greatly in different regions


It is reported that the plastic bottle market is comple […]

It is reported that the plastic bottle market is complex and affected by different factors. The research firm cites some of these factors, including lower per capita consumption in the beverage market in the Asia-Pacific region and income trends. These two factors will lead to changes in consumption.

The report highlights that rising unemployment due to the economic crisis and policies and regulations may also have an impact on the consumption of certain beverages. Some packaging containers have transitioned from plastic to traditional materials. However, there is competition from increasingly flexible plastic container packaging solutions.

Demand for plastic containers varies widely across regions, the company said. One of them is plastic bottled water: many national organisations are lobbying for environmental protection to reduce bottled water, while in others, drinking water sanitation is lacking and more consumers are turning to bottled water and other bottled beverages.

It is reported that the rigid plastic container market is also changing. PET containers are becoming more popular, especially in carbonated soft drinks and bottled water, the company said in the report. PET containers are lightweight, recyclable, won't break, and have good clarity. In addition to PET, the consumption of PP containers is also increasing, especially in the food market.

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