How to use cosmetic bottles as waste


In fact, if the seemingly useless cosmetic bottle of th […]

In fact, if the seemingly useless cosmetic bottle of the lotion pump had some slight alterations, you could think of many uses. Wash and dry some small bottles, which should be delicate in shape and shape, and pack in bottles for travel. For example, packaging aloe vera gel in an eye cream bottle is not only easy to carry, but also very rich in texture. Like some of the lighter bottles, it can also be used to make hand creams, body lotions, etc, just like the fine 00 bar. You can also wash empty bottles with water, dry and label them to make a storage box. Like thumbtacks, paper clips, ear studs, etc., you can toss them in, which is convenient and safe. Some cosmetic water and perfume bottles with elongated bodies and small mouths are absolutely impractical for storage.
The easiest way to do this is to open the stopper on the bottle, wash the bottle, and use it as a decorative container. Lotion or perfume bottles are often very specific in shape. It's used to make a vase that instantly rises tall and doesn't cost a penny. Just inserting a bunch of flowers is enough, and caring mothers can choose to incorporate some bottles of the same color to make it even more delicious. Some bottles have fonts that are by no means good looking, you can use some sticky masking paper to stick the words on part of the bottle. You can also reshape some cosmetic bottles with messy patterns. For example, is it more advanced to print some nice patterns or logos, cut them and stick them on the bottle like trinkets?

This method can be converted not only into a vase, but also into a unique scented candle. After learning this technique, you no longer need to starve for 500 Zumalong scented candles. Easy DIY with less than 5 pieces. The operation is very simple. Choose a suitable glass bottle and again prepare some scented candles (the thickness of the candle). All changes depend on the size of the bottle. Add some stickers or decorations to the surface of the container to complete a beautiful scented candle, depending on your preference. Aside from storage and decoration, bottles have many magical uses. For example, convert it into some very practical cleaning tools - sustainable cleaning bottles.

Punch some small holes evenly in the cap and apply waterproof glue evenly around the edges. Stick the dish towel on the cap again and use the dishwashing liquid directly in the bottle. From then on, you don't have to do it again, just change the dish towels regularly. If you use your brain, there will be many such minor modifications. Used lipstick can also be converted into a very personalized USB stick. First, take out all the parts of the red tube that support the paste, then use a cotton swab to clean the lipstick tube up and down. After applying glue to the top of the inner tube of the lipstick, fasten the prepared USB stick in the tube.

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