Advantages of Foam Pumps


Compared to traditional soaps, foam pumps are an innova […]

Compared to traditional soaps, foam pumps are an innovative choice for dispensing material. They have the ability to produce high quality foam with each stroke. They are cost-efficient and sustainable. They are also ideal for personal care products and cosmetics.

Foam pump is made of a reticulated foam base, which has a foam meshwork at the center. The large piston rod is equipped with a one-way valve. The pump can be easily assembled. The U-shaped groove supporting spring expands the application scope of the pump.

Foam pump includes a large piston rod, a smaller piston rod and an over cap. The over cap is equipped with a gasket and a conical opening. The lower end of the over cap is inserted into the center hole of the large cap.

The lower part of the pump body is equipped with a ring groove, while the upper part is equipped with a liquid inlet pipe. A U-shaped ring groove is formed at the lower part. The conical opening is located on the lower end of the large piston rod.

The valve membrane is covered with a transparent shield. The upper part of the valve membrane is composed of a conical sealing surface 18. The inner wall of the valve is also connected with the outer wall of the lower opening.

The valve body is equipped with an auxiliary pole. The liquid piston is mounted outside the auxiliary pole. The piston rod is driven by a compression spring.