How Foam Paint Pumps Work


The prime mover transmits power to the drive shaft of t […]

The prime mover transmits power to the drive shaft of the pump through the variable speed transmission mechanism, and the drive shaft gear drives the driven shaft gear to move synchronously. The relative movement between the rotor and the pump body changes the working volume, thereby increasing the energy of the liquid, forming a suction cavity, a closed cavity and a discharge cavity. With the relative motion of a pair of rotors, the pump creates a vacuum in the suction chamber, and the fluid is continuously sucked in, flowing through the closed chamber and discharged from the discharge chamber to form flow.Trigger Sprayer Manufacturers

The volumetric efficiency of the pump is as high as 98%, the flow rate of the pump is determined by the rotation speed, and the change of the outlet pressure basically does not affect the change of the flow rate. The differential pressure created by the pump depends on the resistance of the discharge system.Lotion pump Suppliers

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