What should I do if the small spray bottle does not come out


Many skin care products and other items will be kept in […]

Many skin care products and other items will be kept in a spray bottle, which is not only convenient to use and sprays more evenly, but also avoids some skin care products sticking to your hands after using certain skin care products. Wash your hands even if you want to. However, in many cases there is clearly a lot left over that cannot be sprayed and creates waste. Here, I'll teach you what to do if you can't reach your spray bottle.Trigger Sprayer Suppliers

Check that the spray bottle nozzle is not clogged with foreign objects. The nozzle of a spray bottle usually consists of one or more very small holes. If the cap is not closed in time after daily use, fine dust particles in the air can stick to the nozzle and cause a blockage, preventing the spray bottle from spraying. If there are many attachments on the spray bottle nozzle, wipe the nozzle clean with a towel or the like. If there are particles drilled in the nozzle hole, a sharp object can be used to pick up the particles.

Check that the nozzle is not sunk. Using too much force with the spray bottle may cause the nozzle to sink for a long time and not automatically return to its original position each time. If the spray bottle's nozzle sinks, it won't be able to pop anything if you keep pressing it, so pull the nozzle up and raise it to its original height, then return the nozzle to its original position and it will pop.

Shake the spray bottle. The nozzle of the spray column in the bottle is fixed in one position for a long time. When spraying the object in this position, the rest of the object may be uneven, which may also cause the spray bottle to fail to spray. If the uneven distribution of objects in the bottle causes the spray bottle to not spray anything, you can shake the spray bottle up and down to distribute the remaining objects evenly, and then you can spray things.Fine mist sprayer
Rotate the nozzle. If the nozzle orientation is fixed in one position for a long time, it may also cause the spray bottle to not spray anything. The nozzle of a spray bottle usually spins freely. At this point, you can turn the nozzle clockwise or counterclockwise to help spray the spray bottle.

Disassemble and inspect spray column for blockage. The critical part of the spray column wet spray bottle, if the spray column is clogged, it must not spray anything. At this point, the spray bottle must be disassembled and the spray column cleaned so that the spray bottle can be sprayed.All Plastic Sprayer

Damaged pump components. The water pump is the heart of the spray bottle. If the components of the pump are damaged, the cost of the spray bottle will be reimbursed. At this point, the parts that make up the pump can be inspected and, if possible, replaced to service the pump. If the pump cannot be repaired, replace with a new spray bottle.