How to choose a spray pump?


Cosmetics manufacturers in the market have encountered […]

Cosmetics manufacturers in the market have encountered or worried about the rust problem of the spray pump spring when purchasing spray pumps; a bottle of cosmetics with beautiful packaging and unique formula rusts after a spray pump spring has been used for a period of time, resulting in cosmetic solutions. Completely polluted and unusable, it can only be scrapped, which must be said to be a fatal blow to cosmetics manufacturers.

For this reason, cosmetics factories are particularly worried about whether the spring of the spray pump will rust when purchasing the spray pump, but each cosmetic factory cannot be very professional to quickly and accurately judge the quality of the spray pump spring, and can only listen to the spray pump with suspicion. Production suppliers continue to guarantee, and then guarantee. There are even cosmetics manufacturers who directly adopt the next strategy: deposit the payment for the spray pump production supplier first, and then settle the payment after the spray pump is used up; however, the direct consequence of this strategy of not preventing beforehand and making up for it afterwards is: once spraying There is a problem with the pump spring, the loss of the cosmetics factory is far more than the value of a batch of spray pumps, the invisible brand impact, the loss of dealer confidence, etc. are the real huge losses.

So how to choose a spray pump to avoid rusting of the spring? How to quickly and accurately test the spring of the spray pump at the time of purchase acceptance, and it has been confirmed that it will not rust.

How to choose the material of the spray pump spring

There are N kinds of materials suitable for springs in the existing steel wire market, but due to the ever-changing cosmetic formulations, the material of the spray pump spring must be required to have good acid and alkali resistance. The material of the spray pump spring commonly used in the domestic market is mainly SUS304H; is SUS304H suitable for all cosmetic solutions? The answer is: NO; SUS304H has a certain range of use; take hand sanitizer as an example: due to the addition of sterilization factors in the formula of hand sanitizer, the pH value of the liquid is weakly acidic, generally between PH: 6-7, the basic range of SUS304H spring use : PH5.5 or higher.

What kind of spray pump should be used for other unique formula cosmetics? The materials with better acid and alkali resistance than SUS304H in the steel wire market are mainly: SUS316L; take the anti-dandruff shampoo as an example: because ZPT is added to the formula of the anti-dandruff shampoo, the SUS316L spring is normal for the anti-dandruff shampoo. The scope of use is: the ZPT content is around 5; it should be said: the spray pump using the SUS316L spring can meet the acid and alkali resistance (spring corrosion) requirements of the shampoo/shower gel solution of 99.

Cost-effectiveness of various acid and alkali resistant spring materials

Some spray pump manufacturers on the market use SUS304 instead of SUS304H; SUS304 has a Ni content of 5-7, its acid and alkali resistance is far worse than SUS304H, and its price is far worse than SUS304H. The spray pump using SUS304 spring is easy to cause the spring to rust when the cosmetic formula is slightly changed. There are even spray pump manufacturers that directly use carbon steel materials as spray pump springs, which do not need to be soaked in any solution, and are prone to rust spots in humid air. It is hereby reminded that when purchasing spray pump springs, major cosmetic manufacturers must try to avoid the use of spray pump springs made of materials with poor corrosion resistance such as carbon steel according to the actual use situation.