Choose the right spray bottle pump


when you press the button on the spray bottle, the down […]

when you press the button on the spray bottle, the downward pressure inside the bottle increases, so the liquid inside the bottle is forced to rise along the tube, and the opening in the front of the spray bottle is small, so that, under this pressure, large drops of water disperse. A high-pressure system is formed inside the bottle, and the liquid in the bottle is ejected in the form of very fine water molecules, resulting in a larger pressure drop. Because these are water-particle liquids that are ejected, the effect and shape of the natural mist is very similar, so the bottle is called a spray bottle.
Choose the appropriate spray bottle in the choice of water spray, should choose moisturizing, sedative, soothing effect of spray, as far as possible to choose simple product ingredients. There are mineral water sprays and hot spring water sprays. Hot spring water sprays can not only replenish water and moisturize, but also soothe skin, resist irritation, prevent skin allergy and enhance skin immunity. However, mineral water contains natural expansion materials, ingredients pure, only the general hydrating function. Spray should not be applied directly to the face. When some people use a spray, they place the nozzle close to their face for better absorption by the skin.
In fact, not all sprays can be applied directly to the face, only the nozzle sprays are a fine, even, mist-like liquid that can be applied directly to the face; if the nozzle sprays a large drop of water, it is sprayed on the hands and then applied to the face. Sprays do not use moisturizing sprays frequently, do not need to be used frequently, as far as possible in the skin dry case, or the air environment is relatively clean in the case of direct spray in the air, increase air humidity, can also achieve the goal of moisturizing.