Causes and solutions of foam pump head not producing foam


1. The foam pump head does not produce foam. It is like […]

1. The foam pump head does not produce foam. It is likely that the button on the bottle is broken, so the pump head cannot be pressed.

2. The foam pump bottle is usually equipped with a special pump head, which is in the foam state when extruding. The principle is that there is a special device at the bottle mouth to fully mix air and foaming agent. The foam agent is sprayed from the middle of the sleeve. As the air pressure decreases, a large amount of air is sucked in from the side and mixed with it to produce foam. Compared with the liquid bottle, the liquid bottle eliminates the action of friction and bubbling, and the washing is more laborious, but the cleaning force is slightly weak. The density of foam is higher, and the adhesion to stubborn stains is slightly poor. Therefore, we need to squeeze enough foam to completely cover it to achieve the desired effect. This foam liquid can save water and is clean and easy to wash.

3. If the foam pump head is broken, you can try to hold the bottle tightly. First, tighten the bottle cap clockwise, and then tighten the pump head. The tighter the pump head, the better. Do not rotate again after tightening. Some will spring off after tightening, and some will spring off immediately after turning a little anticlockwise. (In this process, please remember to ensure that the bottle cover will not rotate with it) It may be that there is a problem with the spring in the press pump. At this time, unscrew the bottle cap and adjust the tightness of the spring to make the press pump spring again.