Beauty Beauty Compulsory Course


Charismatic beauty multi-brand cosmetics supermarket is […]

Charismatic beauty multi-brand cosmetics supermarket is different from the previous shopping mall operation, single-brand sales and other operating models. It adopts the concept of multi-brand cosmetics supermarkets and combines well-known beauty brands in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea as well as domestic products to form a product structure.

In the store terminal, there are refined supermarket channels such as basic skin care, body care, romantic fragrances, and colorful makeup.Beauty product shoppers select skin care products for themselves and they also can  buy for their loved ones and children. Overall,  this business model creates a one-stop shopping shortcut.

Xiao Liu, who is fascinating with makeup and cosmetics, told the author that she has always been picky about cosmetics, especially paying attention to the quality and safety of cosmetics. In fact, such her behavior has formed a subconscious consumer-focused consumption habit. As a result,, brands such as Iken, Chanel and Keyan which are currently in use by Xiao Liu, are deemed the products with good reputation and quality assurance for her.