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For women customers, most of their wealth is spent on c […]

For women customers, most of their wealth is spent on cosmetics, not only because it can facilitate their young looks and help them to dress up but also is beneficial for their pride and beauty. As time goes by, it leaves traces on our faces, skin care products and cosmetics are much needed to alleviate the impacts on our skins  and slow the process of ageing.

Huayang Liren Beauty Cosmetics, a multi-brand cosmetics shop, takes care of women's beauty . We have helped thousands of customers to restore their skins with firmness and flawlessness that they used to enjoy and find their pride and style.

Overall, as a multi-brand beauty and cosmetics company, the product line of Huayang Liren Cosmetics Store is complete while we actively introduce new products to support sales activities in the stores. Since the establishment of Huayang Liren, it has continuously made collaborations with nearly 800 domestic and foreign brands. Among them are not only well-known domestic brands such as Herborist, Poetry Collection, Nature Hall and Affordable Herbal Medicine, but also famous international brands such as Estee Lauder, Chanel, Dior, Maybelline and Shiseido.

With thousands of series and single products that have been manufactured and supplied by us, covering all categories of high-end and low-end products,  it has successfully created a global brand image of beauty shops for our partners.