The reason and treatment method of the foam pump head not foaming


1. Problems with the liquid in the bottle The foam pump […]

1. Problems with the liquid in the bottle

The foam pump head will also be clogged, because the head of the foam pump head has a foaming net device. Both the air and the liquid in the bottle can pass through this mesh. If there are dust, fibers and other impurities in the air or liquid, the net will be blocked and no foaming will occur. The foam pump heads on the market generally support the use time of a bottle of liquid and have a limited service life.

Solution: First, check whether it is the problem of the liquid in the bottle. If the liquid is not used for a long time, it may become thick and agglomerate. At this time, the foam pump head will be blocked. We can add some water to the liquid and reduce the concentration to produce foam. If the liquid is normal, you can squeeze some liquid and rub it on your hands to see if it is easy to foam. If this can be done, then we have to check whether there is any blockage in the delivery pipe leading to the foam pump head.

2. Problems with the foam pump head

A good foam pump head generally satisfies the following elements: upside down without leaking, the inner suction tube goes to the bottom, the inner spring is not skewed, and the foam pump head and connector are installed snugly.

Solution: If it is the quality problem of the foam pump head, you need to replace the new foam pump head.