What is a durable cap


The capping machine is generally composed of two parts, […]

The capping machine is generally composed of two parts, the automatic capping part and the cap-dropping part. It includes a bottle cap lifting conveyor belt and a silo, the lifting conveyor belt is provided with a transverse baffle for carrying bottle caps, and the inclination angle of a part of the lifting conveyor belt and the baffle have the following matching relationship: The center of gravity of the back cover of this section is located outside the baffle, and the center of gravity of the front cover of this section is located inside the baffle. The invention utilizes the feature that the center of gravity of the bottle cap does not coincide with its geometric center, so that the reverse cap falls out of the blocking bar in the above-mentioned section of the lifting conveyor belt under the action of its own gravity, and freely falls back to the silo to complete the cap arrangement. The impact on the bottle cap is small, the bottle cap is not easy to be damaged when the cap is arranged, and multiple caps can be arranged at Trigger Sprayer the same time, which can double the efficiency of the cap arrangement.
However, after the filling process is completed, the plastic bottle enters the capping process. If the bottle cap is positive or negative, filling is very inconvenient and needs to be sorted manually. In the prior art, the cap sorting machine can sort the bottle cap. , which can turn most of the flip caps over, but there are still omissions, which need to be flipped manually, so the work efficiency will be very low, and sometimes it will affect the next process.
The bottle cap is used to seal the bottle. According to different functions, there are bottle caps with different shapes and different operation methods. For example, the mineral water bottle cap is round and twisted, the pop-top can bottle cap is ring-shaped, and the meat can bottle cap is pulled. There is no fixed shape, and it is what it is torn into. The cap of the injection bottle is made of glass. It needs to be polished around the periphery with a grinding wheel and then popped open; the cap of the men's favorite beer bottle is pryed. The design of the bottle cap is all kinds of strange, and the designers have racked their brains to make it more innovative and attractive.
The bottle cap is an important part of food and beverage packaging, and it is also the first place consumers come into contact with products. The bottle cap has the function of keeping the contents of the product closed, and also has the functions of anti-theft opening and safety, so it is widely used in bottled products, so the bottle cap is the upstream industry of the food, beverage, wine, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry. It is the key product of bottle container packaging. In the early development of bottle caps, cork materials, tinplate crown caps and screw caps were used. Up to now, we have continued to develop aluminum long-neck aluminum caps, carbonated drink aluminum caps, hot-filling aluminum caps, injection aluminum caps, medicine caps, and open-top caps. Type ring caps, safety button claw caps and plastic bottle caps and other products.
Since bottle caps are an important part of the beverage packaging industry, changes in the strong demand in the downstream consumer market will directly affect the market demand for bottle caps, and the booming beverage industry has higher requirements for product packaging, which will lead to Demand for bottle cap products. And bottle cap products occupy a key position in the beverage packaging industry, so the development trend of the beverage industry will directly affect the demand for bottle cap products. In recent years, the market demand for bottle cap products has been stable and showing a growing trend. However, changes in the packaging materials used have relatively changed the structure of bottle cap products; overall, the use ratio of plastic caps will be increased. Although some aluminum caps have been replaced by plastic caps, they are mainly used in wine and functional beverages, and the demand has grown steadily, while the demand ratio of claw caps has fluctuated greatly.