How to choose the water mist nozzle


The application of water mist nozzles is more and more […]

The application of water mist nozzles is more and more extensive. Different water mist nozzles have different structures and are generally used in various fields of the fire protection industry. So what kind of water mist nozzle should be selected in different applications? Here is how to choose a water mist nozzle.

Introduce how to choose water mist nozzle from three aspects.

1. Selection method of water mist nozzle type in different environments:

1. For the closed system, the selection of water mist nozzles should be as follows: the water mist nozzles with the index not greater than 50 (m/s), the temperature can be as high as 30 degrees, and the same heat-sensitive water mist nozzles can be used in the same protection zone.

2. If we encounter dusty places, we can choose water mist nozzles with dust cover, but when spraying, we must be careful not to cause harm to people around, and stop spraying water mist nozzles.

3. For the nozzles of industrial water mist nozzles that are easy to block, choose nozzles that will not affect the atomization effect of industrial water mist nozzles.

4. In the electronic data processing room, the floor mezzanine of the communication room, etc., it can be used: the low space of the water mist nozzle.

2. The main influencing factors of water mist nozzle type selection:

1. The type selection of water mist nozzle is composed of flow rate, pressure, spray angle, coverage, impact force, temperature, material, application, etc., and these factors are often interrelated and mutually restrictive.

2. The flow rate is proportional to the pressure, and the spray angle is proportional to the coverage.

3. The purpose of any water mist nozzle injection is to keep the molten pool in constant contact with the workpiece, and flow is more important than pressure.

4. The temperature of the liquid does not affect the spray performance of the water mist nozzle, but affects the viscosity and specific gravity, and also affects the selection of the water mist nozzle material.

3. Selection basis of water mist nozzle material:

1. For non-corrosive plating solution, bronze casting or plastic die casting can be used according to the processing difficulty.

2. In order to prevent corrosion, non-metallic materials can be used;

3. The material selected for the water mist nozzle should also be determined according to the chemical characteristics of the plating solution. Nylon plastics can be used in highly corrosive baths such as sulfuric and hydrochloric acid. The water mist nozzle material used in the phosphating bath is generally acid-resistant stainless steel, and the anti-corrosion nozzle can also be directly made of stainless steel or nylon.